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Stanzas is a Non-Profit Arts Event, and as such we rely on grants and donations to do what we do.

All donations go towards paying artists to read as Guest Speakers and Performers, and to keep up maintenance with things like this very website.


In the past 5 years, we've spent thousands on the Arts in Limerick, and we want to keep that good work up.We don't need much to keep doing what we do, but we do need about 100 a month to keep the basics up and the event going.


So if you like what we do, throw a coin to your stanzas using the easy Pay-Pal button below!

thank you

xo xo

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"A Rock Convert for Poetry"

"An organic lifeform that has a personality and presence of its own and the participants are its host."

"an incredible gift to the poetry scene in Limerick"

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